About Us

The Understanding Nurturing, Inclusive, and Transformative Environments (UNITE) lab tries to understand how we can turn places that might make people feel uncomfortable or unwelcome because of who they are, into spaces where everyone feels safe, supported, and valued. We look at how diversity in people's backgrounds - where they come from, what they look like, what they believe in - can be seen as advantages rather than liabilities that set them apart. 

Grounded in Social Identity Threat Theory (Steele et al., 2002) and the Cues Hypothesis (Murphy et al., 2007; Kroeper et al., 2022), we study how changing our surroundings can help change how we see and treat each other. 

So, come along and let's make a difference together!

Dr. Kroeper being recognized at SPSP  (2024) for her research and teaching.

Sophia presenting her research at SPSP (2024).

Abby  presenting her research at SPSP (2024).

Dr. Kroeper accepting the Emerging Scholar Award at SPSP  (2024) for her research and teaching.

UNITE Labbers

Abigail "Abby" Wilk

Spring 2023 - present

Amanda Hamel

Fall 2023 - present

Ava Bjelka

Fall 2023 - present

Christina Poirier

Spring 2024 - present

Michele Chu

Fall 2023 - present

Nicholas Granja

Spring 2023 - present

Sophia Rogers

Spring 2023 - present

Kirsten St. Aubin

Spring 2024 - present

Not Pictured: Casey Russell, Kat Dempsey

UNITE Lab Alumni

Ashley Piney

Spring 2023

D-Amini "Dia" Graham

Fall 2023

Fabiola "Fabbie" Millien-Faustin

Spring 2023

Lauren Simak

Spring 2023

Noelle Debrot

Spring 2023 - Fall 2023

Samantha Cavalea

Fall 2023

Sarah Hanslin

Fall 2023

Not Pictured: Gabriela Gomez (Fall 2023)  and Katrina Brown (Spring 2023 - Fall 2023)

Photo Gallery

Fabiola, Noelle, and Nick presenting their research at ECSC (2023).

Ashley presenting her research at ECSC (2023). Sophia is just off camera. 

Abby and Lauren presenting their research at ECSC (2023).

Noelle accepting an ECSC award on behalf of her team (i.e., Fabiola and Nick) for their research. Lauren and Abby were also winners that day!